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Why try the MELT Method?

Why try MELT? This is a guest blog post from Mikey Carollo. You can catch her MELT Method class Fridays at 8:30am.  How to combat pre-pain Is your body begging for help?  Whether it is emotionally, chemically, or structurally, your body is constantly working to keep you stable.  Our body cools us when we are hot, it secretes enzymes so …

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Pilates Patience: Recovering from a C-Section

Pilates Patience: Recovering from a C-Section   This is a guest post written by Casey Mcmurray, one of our Pilates Reformer instructors who recently gave birth to her baby girl!    When I found out that my daughter was breached, I was saddened to hear that I would be having a C-section. As a Pilates instructor, I understand the importance …

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