Boutique Studios

Boutique Studios

Boutique Studios…How to create a “Client Experience” in 5 easy steps

Kim Munoz, RN Owner Nola Pilates and Xtend Barre New Orleans

The market has become saturated with small super specialized workout studios. When I opened Nola Pilates almost 10 years ago I did so because I wanted everyone to have access to this method. Prior to me opening my group Pilates studio here in New Orleans, Pilates equipment could only be accessed if you had the top 5% income level because it was that expensive. I made it my goal to bring Pilates Equipment to everyone and made it as affordable as I possibly could along the way. I saw the future and where we were headed and that is what we now refer to as “Boutique Studios”. They’re everywhere! It’s an environment in which clients can obtain personal training, of sorts, with a group of like-minded individuals and voilá a community is born. What is most important in this environment is the feeling that comes from having a powerful community built around what you want to accomplish in your journey to health.

I always get asked …”How have you made it 10 years with all the competition and changes in the marketplace”. I like to believe that we are consistent. That we truly care about every single client and most of all we have created an “experience” when it comes to our community. It’s deep connections that keep our clients faith in us. It all begins with our initial contact.

5 steps to the experience that will keep them coming back for more:

1. Introductions! Introduce yourself and discover who your prospective client is… not only putting you in control, but this makes people feel comfortable and will certainly help them open up and feel connected in this very vulnerable atmosphere for some.

2. Permission to Ask Questions- It’s just polite to say “Hey do you mind if we discuss some of your personal goals or what you hope to accomplish?” People are very responsive to curiosity and the desire of someone else to contribute to their overall health.

3. Discover the Value that the prospective client is looking to obtain. In probing and asking the questions about past experiences and future expectations you are establishing trust and you are adding value that is felt and once it’s felt it’s real for most. It is the “experience” that people come back for.

4. At this point it’s time to share options- You will have no hesitation because you are connected. You have demonstrated the value in what you have to offer and it will be easy and comfortable to share pricing because in all of the above steps you have also become more confident in who you are and how valuable your services are.

5. Call to Action-! Set up the appointment …. make the sale… close the deal! Listen, there is a sense of security in this step for the client…they feel like you are going to get this done for them whatever their “done” means.

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