Instructor of the month: Laura Romney!

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Instructor of the month: Laura Romney!

This month, we want to highlight one of our amazing, talented instructors, Laura!

Take Laura’s class this month to be entered to win a complimentary 30 minute session with her! 



Laura was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT and started gymnastic at the age of seven. During high school she was also a competitive softball player, long jumper/high jumper, and sprinter. Although she was bouncing off the walls physically, her passion was (and still very much is) snowboarding! When winter hit, the Salt Lake valley didn’t see her for about six months. As she got older, her snowboarding passion got even crazier and she began mountain boarding (it’s a snowboard with wheels attached, so that you can go during the summer).

However, her life took a turn when she was officially diagnosed with hip dysplasia. While this diagnosis would prevent many people from pursuing exercise, Laura became inspired to start a new career! Laura started taking Pilates classes in Utah and fell in love with it. With the help and support of family she achieved a Comprehensive Pilates Certification from PhysicalMind Institute.

She was originally certified through PhysicalMind and has been teaching pilates since 2006. At Nola Pilates, she teaches Tower and Combo Equipment classes on Thursday evenings, as well as private lessons throughout the week.

Q and A:

What is your favorite way to work out?

My schedule doesn’t always allow for group classes, so I will put in my headphones, blast the music, and just go. Hard! Whether it’s running or biking, I’m going to sweat! I will follow up with a good session on Reformer or Cadillac or get down on the mat for some yogi peace of mind. It’s better than therapy!

What do you love about teaching at Nola Pilates?

The variety and diversity of our wonderful teachers! Every single instructor has something great and new and exciting to bring to the table and I can’t learn enough from them! 

What is something your clients might not know about you?

Growing up in Utah, I had an alligator and three anaconda pythons as pets-the smallest one measuring in at 13 feet; the largest was 26 feet and the width of my thigh.  It was about as much fun as it sounds. My poor mother…

What is your favorite place to eat in NOLA right now?

That’s the same question as “which is your favorite child.” I truly can’t answer it! So I guess my answer is all the places 🙂

What made you want to become a fitness instructor?

Activity/movement/fitness has always been a part of who I am. I studied Kinesiology (exercise and sport science, with an emphasis on the study of movement) in college and I’m so grateful that I get to demonstrate that every day. The thought of sitting at a desk never even registered as an option for a career. 

What is your favorite brand to workout in?
I’m really into ALO right now. Their clothes fit like a glove and accentuate all the right places!


What do you like to do in your free time?

Eat! After that, I love hanging with my big, fat pig in the park and exploring all the New Orleans has to offer. 

Who inspires you right now?

Professionally: I am always inspired by Brent Anderson, owner of Polestar Pilates. His understanding of how the body moves and functions coupled with his application to Pilates and whole body, mind, and spiritual health completely astounds me! You can view his work on Pilates Anytime to bask in his glory. 

Personally: my boyfriend Donal *cue all the feels* He is such an amazing leader and an inspiration to many in his field. I’m in constant amazement of how he is able to roll with the punches in daily life without so much as a stutter or glance back. He helps to keep my head on my shoulders and to realize the potential in everybody-including myself.