Why Pilates for Neurological Conditions?

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Why Pilates for Neurological Conditions?

Here at Nola Pilates, we are always seeking new ways to serve our community, including those living with disease, disabilities, or conditions that make staying healthy difficult. That is why we are so happy to introduce Pilates for Neurological Conditions. This program will be taught by Kathy Koehl, who has decades of experience in pilates and other healing practices.

Here’s a little bit about Kathy’s background:

Kathy has been a teacher and student of movement for most of her life. She began her experience as a classically trained ballet dancer and instructor. From there she progressed into group exercise and obtained a certification through AFAA for group exercise and personal training, followed by Spin and Resist-A-Ball.

In 1998 Kathy began her pilates training through Polestar Pilates, an internationally recognized pilates educator with a therapeutic approach. She completed her hours and in 2002 became certified. During that time Kathy launched the successful pilates equipment program at Franco’s in Lakeview where she was director of Mind/Body programming until Katrina destroyed the facility. In 2006, Kathy launched another successful Pilates equipment program for Woman’s Hospital at the Wellness Center in Baton Rouge where she remained until 2011.

In 2007 Kathy became a RYT Yoga instructor. In 2009 Kathy launched another successful pilates program at a Physical Therpay clinic, where she was able to accommodate her many local clients. Over her 40 year career, Kathy has been at instructor at numerous studios, gyms, etc. She recently completed a certification through American Bone Health and is the only peer educator for Osteoporosis in the state. Originally from Lakeview, Kathy is thrilled to be back where she grew up serving her former and new clients! 

Why Pilates for Neurological Conditions?

In 2004, a serious accident left a close family member of Kathy permanently disabled due to a traumatic brain injury. Therefore, the topic of Pilates for neurological conditions intrigued her. Over her many years using Pilates for healing, she was interested to see what potential there was to use the method for healing neurological conditions. She was officially trained for Pilates for Neurological Conditions through Mariska Breland this year. 

The neuro-protocol is wide, including treatment for MS, Parkinson’s and stroke, among others. What struck me was the comment “the brain does not like vacant real estate”. This really drove home the point that treatment must be immediate and ongoing.

If the effected part of the brain/neurological system is left “vacant” something else will fill the void and the patient will stop improving and begin to regress. It is therefore imperative that these patients implement a therapeutic program as soon as possible after diagnosis to minimize the regressive effects.

Kathy says, “I’ve never seen Pilates fail to provide improvement in both wellness and therapeutic settings and that is a powerful outcome. I am very much looking forward to the rewarding opportunity to promote healing to those afflicted with neurological conditions.”

How can you find out more?

We are hosting a complimentary kickoff session on July 19 at 5pm. This is a session to meet Kathy, ask questions, and find out more information about whether this program can be helpful for you. Space is limited, so email staff@nolapilates.com to hold your spot!