Pilates Patience: Recovering from a C-Section


Pilates Patience: Recovering from a C-Section

Pilates Patience: Recovering from a C-Section



This is a guest post written by Casey Mcmurray, one of our Pilates Reformer instructors who recently gave birth to her baby girl! 


When I found out that my daughter was breached, I was saddened to hear that I would be having a C-section. As a Pilates instructor, I understand the importance of body awareness, and I knew that recovering from a major abdominal surgery would present a big challenge to remain in tune with my body.  After giving birth, I waited patiently for my 6-week post postpartum visit to get the “ok” from my doctor.

I was excited to hear that I could start working out again, however there was one catch: hold off from abdominal work. What!? That’s the one thing I’ve been dying to do.  I sat there perplexed thinking, “what exercise, if done correctly, doesn’t t involve some type of core engagement?”

The doctor explained to avoid forward flexion and listen to my body: ” if it hurts, stop.”

Minutes later I was signing up for my first reformer class in 10 months! Yeah!  

When the day came for me to take my first class back, I knew I would have to have patience if I wanted to get through it.

Patience to go slow, patience to not judge myself, and most importantly patience to know that this is exactly where my body is suppose to be today.

I’m not going to lie, it was hard! On the exterior I felt great but I knew that internally I was still healing.  Through the remainder of the class I had to remind myself in order to recover correctly I would need to practice patience. Therefore, a couple of months from now I can have a perfect Pilates plank!!!


You can check out Casey’s classes Mondays at 5:40 and 6:45pm, and Wednesdays at 7:25am.