Dads, Daughters, Sons, and Pilates

Dads, Daughters, Sons, and Pilates

By Kim Munoz


I have been so blessed in my life to have two fathers by my side every step of the way. They both are unique in their own character but offer me two sides of life that have proven to be the best of both of them. Between the two of them they have helped me find the best of who I want to be. I have so much gratitude for the life they’ve shown me and I love them for being proud of me exactly at the moments I needed them to be.

I have my “Bio Dad” as he likes to call himself, Gavin, who has always supported the dreamer in me. He showed me the side of life that allows you to be anything you want to be. He taught me as a girl to work hard, support myself and success would always follow. But above all love what you do. Then there’s this man I call Bob who came into my life for the tumultuous teenage years. He weathered the storm and is still here 36 years later. He keeps me grounded and he is my voice of reason when the dreamer in me gets a little carried away. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve taught him to believe in dreams and he may even do a bit of dreaming himself now.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the man who took on fatherhood along side me, my husband Jamie. He came into fatherhood by way of falling in love with me and never waivered in his dedication and love for my Tyler. Then he was chosen to become a Dad in his own right and was blessed with two of the most amazing twin boys a man could ask for, Maxwell and Jordan. This man is the hardest working and most dedicated father you can imagine. If you’ve ever met our three boys you would know this because they emulate every amazing quality that he has shown them.

Much like Pilates these men have taught me the 6 Principals of life:

1. Centering- As in Pilates, in life you must find your center; your passion and that must be from which all of your energy comes. Without holding your breath you must move freely from that place in all the decisions you make. You must visualize what you want and then imagine it all right in front of you.

2. Control- In Pilates we can control our movement but in life it’s really a mistake to believe we have control because we don’t. We do have control over how we respond to life and early on I was taught that your response is everything. It will determine your fate so carefully and positively move with control to get best out of life.

3. Concentration- Much like Pilates, our life is all about the mind-body connection. I was taught that in life you must concentrate in order to be aware of what your life has to offer you. You must organize your thoughts, you must stay aware, and you must listen to what life is saying to you and pay attention to the hard lessons that it is teaching you at times.

4. Precision- Moving with precision in Pilates is everything. Moving through life with precision will allow you to listen carefully to what life is offering you. It will help you realize that everything happening has a purpose and is important to your success. Once you get this everything else falls into place.

5. Breathing- It carries us through each movement in both Pilates and Yoga. Most of all it carries us through LIFE! I learned this one on my own but because of all of the reasons above I was able to tap into this lesson. If you can find your breath in life and really use it, as it was intended… everything will change for you. I think this is the one thing that we take for granted the most and if you stop for a second and take a deep, long breath you will see what I’m talking about. Just breathe.

6. Flowing Movement- All of the above will allow your movement to flow in Pilates but most of all in life. It will be smooth and even, begin and end exactly where it is supposed to and with grace and control if you allow it to.

These men have taught me in all the stages of my life so many of these lessons and this month we celebrate these Dads. It takes a village and mine is strong and supportive and so this Father’s Day I say Thank you to each of you for all you’ve done and all you’ve taught me.