Pre and Postnatal Programs

Pre and Postnatal Programs

Pre and Postnatal Modifications for All Classes

Whether you’re looking to stay in shape during your pregnancy or kick start your post-baby workout regiment, check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Our instructors are certified to modify most exercises for our pre and postnatal clients. We utilize various pads and props to help our clients maintain safe and comfortable positions during their workouts.

With a doctor’s clearance, most low risk moms-to-be can continue their regular exercise schedule until the 20 week mark (after which more modifications become necessary). We highly encourage clients to listen to their bodies throughout their pregnancy to determine whether or not they should begin to modify their level of exertion. Fatigue, nausea and achy muscles make begin to set in, and we suggest you take extra care to rest when needed (even if mid-workout).

We recommend classes with a majority of the work out done in an upright position (i.e. Spin, TRX and Xtend Barre), however, all classes at our studio feature pre and post natal modifications.

Specialty Classes with Moms-to-Be in Mind

Nola Pilates & Xtend Barre New Orleans is proud to offer three classes on our weekly schedule designed to accommodate pre and postnatal bodies.

  • FREE Community Class: Pilates Mat
    Join us for an open level Pilates Mat class at a fantastic rate of only $5/class. This class is small and size and perfect for you and your growing (or shrinking) belly. Exercises are easily modified for clients of all skill levels.

  • Xtend Barre Babies on Board
    Ready to get back to your workout routine, but not so ready to leave your baby behind? No need for a babysitter . . . bring your little one to the barre! Babies on Board is a 6 week workshop that we host about twice a year. This 45 minute class will allow you and baby to bond at the ballet barre! What’s better than that? Need to stop and feed, change or calm baby during class? No problem! You and your new little bundle are our first priority. Even if you only get 10 minutes of exercise in, you will still enjoy this amazing new class! Interested in the next one? Call or email for more information!