What is Pilates?

Pilates (pi-LAH-teez) is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve overall health. Created in the early part of the 20th century, Pilates was so far ahead of it’s time that it did not begin to achieve popular recognition until the first few years of the 21st century. Over 10 million people are now practicing Pilates in the United States and the numbers are growing every year.

Pilates focuses on engaging the mind with the body and helps each client learn to move better. Every exercise is performed with attention to the breath, proper form and efficient movement patterns. Pilates strengthens the core, improves balance, increases coordination and decreases stress. Exercises are performed on a mat and on specially designed equipment. The Pilates system includes exercises for every part of the body and is appropriate for anyone from 10 to 100.

In ten sessions, you will feel the difference; in twenty, you will see the difference; and in thirty, you will have a whole new body. – Joseph Pilates


Re-shape, re-align and reform your body! In this class you will work against spring resistance along with the basic principles of Pilates to strengthen and tone your entire body. All levels welcome.

Cardio Reformer

Whoever said you don’t sweat in Pilates never took a Nola Cardio Reformer class! Intensify your Reformer workout and get your heart rate up using the Pilates jump board and other props. Intermediate level.


Using the springs on the Tower as resistance, you will strengthen, stretch and reshape your body. From abs to glutes and arms to thighs, this is a total body workout! Intermediate level.

Combo Equipment

This combination class can include Reformer, Chair, Tower and TRX Suspension Training to give you a challenging total body workout. All levels welcome.